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Here's how to contact me:

For photography-related questions, please email photos @ jcrt.co.uk or enquiries @ e14images.com.

If you'd just like to give some general feedback about this website or ask anything else, please email webmaster @ jcrt.co.uk

Junk mail lists and "get rich quick" schemes are not my favourite things, so if you're running one of those, please don't use these email addresses - or to put it more simply, kindly p*** off now! Apologies to everyone else for the lack of clickable email links, but keeping them as plain text does cut down on the chances of undesirable types harvesting them for spam.


If you fancy buying some of the pictures you see on the site...

Please drop me an email at either of the addresses above. I can supply prints and digital files in most sizes and formats and to make it easy for everyone, I can accept payment via PayPal. There are no set costs for things - let me know what you want to do with the image and we'll discuss the cost (don't worry, it'll be less than you'd pay to licence an image through an image library and any printing will be charged pretty much at cost).

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal.

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