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The site...

This site is really just a collection of my pictures and a few oddments of information. My real personal website, for anyone who's arrived here looking for it, is at the rather more obscurely named www.boolie.net

Suggestions about this site welcome, to webmaster@jcrt.co.uk

So, what about me ?

Probably not that interesting, really... I live and work in London's docklands. I have a collection of slightly mad friends, whom I like that way... or probably, who I like because they're that way. The London connection should explain the high number of London scenes in my gallery - so much to see and photograph in this town. My other favourite subject is wildlife, especially big cats. You'll spot a few of those in the galleries, too, if you look hard enough ;-)

By the way, there aren't any photos of me on the public bit of the site and there aren't likely to be any time soon (advantage of usually being on the other side of the camera!). A shy and retiring creature, the Jeff. Ok, Grant, Dan, I can hear the calls of "yeah, right" from here!

Photography is something I've been doing for years, mostly with conventional film and prints but more recently with a combination of film cameras (Canon EOS), a film scanner and a digital camera too. Each has its uses. Photography and imaging is a pastime for me - I'm not a professional making my living from it, so I can't accept lots of requests to do work especially for you, but I will try if it sounds interesting! I'm also happy to consider adapting my existing images for your use and of course, arranging for you to use them as they are, in digital or printed forms.

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